Wildlife Plaque Art and Painted Saw Blades


Wildlife Plaque Art and Painted Saw Blades

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Wildlife Plaque Art is a new concept of taxidermy display that incorporates more of the hunting experience. Provide a photo of your own hunting grounds, and it will be hand-painted onto a mounting plaque in the shape of your choice. Decide the season, weather, and if you'd like a hunter to be added. Each plaque is completely customized, and we work with you to showcase your individual experience. 




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I received my plaque today and I’m truly impressed and thankful that you captured my favorite place to hunt on a high quality plaque.
— David
I am now the lucky owner of this amazing painting!! 😍I had the pleasure of meeting these two at the SCI Green Bay show this weekend. We can not wait to get more paintings from them in the future. By far my happiest purchase from the entire show weekend.
Personalized mounting plaques! What a unique idea! I’ve never seen anything like this before!
— Countless attendees at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Madison, WI
This is the nicest gift you’ve ever given me!
— Jodi's husband to her
I received the saw and it is fantastic! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!!
— Tim
Can’t wait to get the finished product! Thanks for your attention to the details!
— Tony
The mural is absolutely wonderful...totally exceeded my expectations! Thank you again for your time and effort in making such an awesome piece of art.
— Molly
Tom did my son’s bedroom years ago and now he’s 21 - no one can touch the wall because Dad had Tom do it. Tom is so awesome!!
— Bonnie



We will work with you to ensure that your painting is 100% to your satisfaction.


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Tom Mischler

Tom has been painting and hunting since he was a boy. He came up with the idea for Wildlife Plaque Art while sitting in his tree stand. He thought about how traditional deer mounts tell very little of the whole hunting experience, and he wanted to devise a better way. He combined two of his favorite hobbies - hunting and painting - and the idea was born.