Wildlife Plaques

Commemorate your hunting memories with a customized plaque for mounting. Send in a photo of your hunting location, describe the weather and season, and choose your plaque size and shape. Shapes include leaves, states, or a custom shape of your choice. Sales tax will be added.   

Small (approx. 2 ft x 1 ft): $150

Medium (approx. 2 ft x 2 ft): $250

Large (approx. 2 ft x 4 ft): $375

Extra large (exceeds 2 ft x 4 ft): Please contact for quote




Provide a photo to get your customized scene. Saws work well for nature, barns, family property, etc. Sales tax will be added. Due to safety concerns, large blades cannot be shipped and will need to be dropped off and picked up in person in Kaukauna, WI. Due to supply and demand, we cannot guarantee availability of blades; prices listed are for saws supplied by the customer.

Extra Small circular (under 7 in. dia.): $75

Small circular (8-15 in. dia.): $150

Medium circular (15 in. - 20 in. dia.): $225

Large circular (21 in. - 24 in. dia.): $300

Extra large circular (24 in. - 26 in. dia.): $375

Oversized circular blades (exceeds 27 in. dia.): Please contact for quote

Medium hand saw: $125

Small hand saw: $75

2-man cross cut saw: $200 and up


Contact us to discuss painting on your animal skull.

Wood Slabs

Slabs are provided by Bankast Sawing out of Peshtigo and the wood is included in the price. Slabs can be custom designed or purchased pre-painted. Please contact for a quote.


Paintings for Canvas or Framing

Tom also paints on canvas, if that is more your style. Past painting subjects are quite varied and include skylines, musical instruments, famous buildings, barns, mountains, etc. Contact us for a quote.



We are located in Northeast Wisconsin, but will travel anywhere for the right compensation. Tom's mural portfolio is very vast, and includes beaches, woods, mountains, plants, animals, nursery themes, and even the American flag.